How To Overcome Depersonalization By Refusing To Make Problems Your Identity [DPDR THERAPY]

😌 I have depersonalization, dissociation, anxiety disorder stage 3, advanced clinical depression category 2, borderline, ocd, anhedonia, symptom 1, symptom 2, diagnosis X, label Y, name Z, theory X, dpdr is the cause of ocd, ocd is the cause of dpdr, anxiety disorder is the cause of depersonalization blah blah blah etc…

Keep down this path and this is the perfect recipe to get headaches and to get confused not results!

I want to remind you that these are NAMES, THEORIES and DESCRIPTIONS❗

You are not a name
You are not a diagnosis
You are not a collection of symptoms
You are not a theory someone invented
You are not a bunch of problems
You are not descriptions and stories of pain

Some people get offended and take it personally when i tell them this stuff, because DEEP DOWN (really deep deep down) problems and pain offer them a sense of identity (ops!) 😉

..and that once again proves my point when i say “people milk a secret pleasure out of suffering and will not stop suffering until they let go of that secret pleasure”

✅ Stop the identification with pain and problems. Refuse to make pain the center of your life. Refuse to build an identity out of pain and to put pain at the forefront of your personality.

✅ Refuse the secret pleasure of “not being understood” or feeling unique when you tell people that you are a complex and unique case and that no one can understand you.

✅ Refuse to call yourself “survivor of X” and “sufferer or Y” and to build a reputation and identity out of pain and problems. Transfer the power from pain and problems over to you

You can search all the solutions you want — ya know, how to cure depersonalization, dpdr cure, depersonalizaiton therapy, depersonalization cure secret tips and all this stuff

..but if you forget these basics, honestly there’s never going to be a SOLID and REAL personal transformation — but a running around in circles

I want to remind you that these are just symptoms that someone put together and collected, then wrote a theory about it, and then you believe that name and theory (dpdr, anxiety disorder, etc.), and then you convince yourself as to why thats true, and then other peoples experiences strenghten that belief and you believe it even more

People focus on these symptoms and causes individually and get lost in them, in their details, what causes what, and they dont forward in their life because they are focused on the details and causes and symptoms of the problem instead of real concrete and straight to the point solutions

Just so you know.. names facilitate understanding, but they are not the solution

Get some clarity and learn how you can have practical solutions on how you can overcome dpdr and dissociation

You can do this by booking a Discovery call here where im going to explain you how you can actually MOVE FORWARD in your life (not re-iterate ad infinitum on the details and symptoms of problems) 😃

To your success
– Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Therapist


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