This is HOW i’ve conquered my mind and life and how i feel very present, energetic, alive and free from fears 🎉

You see, the mind overthinks shit because it thinks it’s being useful and it’s doing you a favor: protecting you from the dangers of life and keeping you alive. How?

By overthinking, overanalyzing, constantly working out the meaning of situations and peoples intentions, assessing if people are going to hurt or abandon you by becoming hyper-aware of their facial expressions and behaviors, etc.

The paradox is that the mind overthinks to help us foresee this potential threat and danger that might kill us, but the thoughts themselves kill us from the inside more than this potential external danger!!

So this is what i did ✅

I’ve set the intention that i’d rather be killed by this “invisible danger that i might not be aware of” than to be killed by the thoughts about this potential danger and spending years of my life drowning in thoughts and hypotheses and “what if’s”

Every day i renew my choice, which is this: I’d rather live 30 years of my life enjoying the present moment and refusing to explore the “what if’s” and refusing to scan for dangers, and being killed by this invisible danger that i wasnt aware of and considering myself as naive and ‘stupid’ for not thinking about it (because i dont overthink now)..

..than living 100 years of my life always worried of whats going to happen next, dissociated, overthinking shit and escaping the present to explore what is going to happen next, what people think, trying to outsmart the future and always trying to control the next moment, and considering myself ‘smart’ along the way for doing all of this

If i have to be killed by this potential danger that im not aware of because i’ve stopped overthinking about it.. so be it

If people are going to abandon me because i wasnt aware of the ways they could have rejected me because now i’ve stopped overthinking about social situations.. so be it
If im going to upset someone and they’re going to reject me and then i’ll feel alone and have no friends.. so be it

If im going to be rejected, abandoned, not loved and im going to end up alone with no friends, no one loves me because they’ve abandoned me because i’ve expressed my real feelings.. so be it


Personally i’ve chosen that I’d rather die a death being remembered as naive and stupid for not overthinking things, BUT enjoying 30 years of my life

..than dying a slow painful death being killed by guesses and hypotheses of what people think and what might be the dangers of the world, and then i have to defend myself from them with dissociation, avoiding, foreseeing and overthinking, BUT living 100 years of my life

I’d rather be killed by naivety than slowly killed by guesses and thoughts.

I’d rather by killed by one quick blow and experience 3 seconds of extreme pain once from this invisible thing that i hadnt foreseen — than being slowly killed for years by billions of thoughts about this potential danger

So make your choice now: How do you want your death to be, a slow internal death overthinking and in “trying to foresee and control and avoid dangers” mode and considering yourself as ‘smart’, or just ‘naively’ enjoying your life and just by killed by one quick blow by this danger that you hadnt foreseen while you were enjoying?

Dont just listen to the (seductive and seemingly real) bullshit your mind says — CHALLENGE IT

And now, choose your death w so you can live a better life

If you feel scared that i’ve presented to you personal improvement in this “light of death”, that should scare you much less than keeping on overthinking and overanalyzing for the rest of your life

If you dont make a decision, your mind is going to keep overthinking to help you avoid dying. You MUST make a choice otherwise your mind is going to make it for you, and we both know what choice is going to be

Here Im simply showing you what the mind is already doing: overthinking shit so that you avoid dying. Nothing weird, special or gothic here. Just the reality that you’re avoiding that is time to face.

To your freedom,