How To Heal ANXIETY Naturally: WHY You Can’t Overcome Anxiety With ACCEPTANCE – Anxiety Specialist

Question for you: How is it possible that some people have amazing results and even completely heal just by allowing and accepting anxiety and by learning how do it well,

and other people keep struggling even if they’ve been accepting for years no matter how well they do it? This is a question that has fascinated me and I’m sure you’ll benefit from my discoveries and insights. 😁

There are entire strategies and philosophies entirely built on acceptance only. Honestly, that’s not very useful for people who need much more than just acceptance!

In this video you’re finally going to learn why acceptance is NOT the ultimate solution to anxiety as most gurus preach. 🤦‍♀️

This video will give you a much more precise direction of who to get help from, what is really going on within you, when and why acceptance doesn’t work, and a precise direction of what to do instead.

Also, here you find the other two videos I’ve mentioned, they are going to give you even more specific instructions and advice

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