How To Get Rid Of Dissociation By Stopping Obsessing Over It [DISSOCIATION SPECIALIST]

People spend months and years focusing on diagnosis, theories, they argue over naming (dpdr? are you kidding? it’s called dpdr disorder!), symptoms, academical descriptions..

and instead of focusing on building positive stuff and nurturing solutions, they focus on arguing on naming and re-iterating on the details of their problems. No wonder why you feel stuck!

I appreciate people who do their best in reading dozens of books and never giving up, however unfortunately many people know a lot of stuff yet they are not moving forward in their life. Hows that possible?

Well if you think about it, you have never paid your bills by focusing on them, staring at them, trying to better describe them in a more intellectual way, obsessing over them etc.

You pay the bills with money that you made by working. 👌

For educative purposes, we could say that paying the bills is negative, making money is positive.

So the same goes for dissociation: You dont overcome dissociation by thinking more about it, by staring at it, by studying it more, by better describing it..

but by doing positive actions that have nothing to do with the problem (such as the actions that make you money have nothing to do with paying the bills, yet it’s exactly why you can pay them). Simple right?

As humans we have this weird belief that if we focus intensely on problems, magically they will go away. 😅

We get so stuck in thinking in terms of problems that we forget to take the actions that actually improve our life and build and nurture solutions and new options and open up new choices

So what are these actions that im talking about? One positive action that you can do is precisely to stop obsessing over dpdr and dissociation and improving just to remove them

As you now know, in the same way that thinking obsessively about paying the bills makes you forget to create opportunities that could make you more money (which in turn is going to pay the bills)

..when you focus obsessively on problems, you are forgetting to do the positive actions that get you unstuck precisely from those problems, and so our life becomes darker and darker and darker and our focus goes more on problems and problems and problems..

But is it ‘life’ being like this? No it’s you, it’s the wrong focus, wrong actions and wrong direction!! And this is good news because in the same way that you’ve unawarely created this, you can uncreate it! 🎉

So do yourself a favor: no more obsessing over dissociation and dpdr. No more thinking in terms of whats wrong, what symptoms i have, what names and theories do i use to describe the problems, what is wrong with me, etc.

Names are not solutions. Better descriptions are not solutions. Theories are not solutions. Obsessing over problems is not the solution.

Start directing your mind and your focus more towards “what positive actions can i do that build and nurture my life and goals but have nothing to with dissociation yet they indirectly make it better” instead of “what are the details of the problems i have”

Do this and keep on doing this and you are on the right track to get unstuck from dissociation and all the negative loops and problems that it has created in your life

To your happiness and success,
Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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