How to Fight Anxiety and Depression — And How To Actually Win

When we try so hard to overcome anxiety and depression and they just dont go away, it’s often because of this simple reason:

You SAY that you want to overcome them, but on the other side you still want to hang on to them because πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

deep down your mind believes there’s a USEFULNESS in keeping them and they’re serving a PURPOSE in your life

So you went to counselors, tried self-help groups and books, tracking your feelings in a diary for 3 months, meds, etc. — but nothing helps..

Life seems hard and you feel helpless and hopeless

The reason why life is hard is simple actually: You want to overcome anxiety or depression, but you dont want at the same time

So people say words and phrases such as: Life is hard, it’s a battle with anxiety, a struggle, the demon i have to fight, the enemy within, etc.

There are even self-help groups on facebook titled in this way such as “My battle with anxiety” or “Anxiety: The demon within” and similar! πŸ˜―

This really shows how most people need to be re-educated and taught a new way that is more expanded, positive, beneficial and not based on this inner war, fight, enemy, etc.

Let me tell you that you are not fighting anxiety or depression, you are fighting yourself

So whats the solution to overcoming anxiety and depression?

You need to understand that anxiety and depression are not in your life to ruin it, but to help you

In fact there was a time where they came into your life with the intention of helping you

People didnt listen to you in your childhood? Then the only way to get their attention was to be depressed

You were scared of strangers and you felt threatened and helpless? Then the only way to protect yourself was to feel constantly anxious

You couldn’t express your anger and fear and say the things you wanted to say to your parents? Then the only was to be anxious so you could feel those feelings you had put aside

(Im not saying this is your specific situation but you get the point)

So from now on i want you to see anxiety and depression — as well as any other psychological and emotional problem you have — with these lenses and asking yourself these questions:

βœ” How are they helping me?

βœ”What benefit are they giving to me that i will lose if i let go of them?

βœ” how understanding what anxiety and depression want is going to make me a more whole and complete person?

βœ” what are the benefits of keeping them instead of letting them go?

..instead of two entities to destroy and wage war against as most people out there unfortunately believe and are taught

Remove from your mind this mindset of destroyng anxiety, eradicating depression, etc.

There’s nothing to fight, but a lot to discover and understand, and this is where you start

And if you are ready to ‘remove’ anxiety or depression from your life now, then book a discovery call with me hereΒ πŸ˜ƒ

To your success

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