The ‘secret’ to dominating your mind and thoughts is to renounce the pleasure of exploring them.

You see that innocent curiosity of exploring negative thoughts and fears “just in case they are true”? See that?

Thats EXACTLY why you are stuck with them and why they keep staying and why those thoughts, fears and overthinking are so damn ‘sticky’ and keep coming back to torture you πŸ€”

I have the same thoughts and fears as you and everyone else. So you dont have to change your mind; you have to change your relationship to it.

Because if the mind/thoughts/fears dont have a fertile ground where to mature, they are not gonna grow!!

But the mistake most people do is to give a fertile ground to their mind, to pay attention and importance to every single thought, to explore that dark tunnel of fear and negative thoughts “just in case it’s true”

The mind is extremely good at hooking you and making you believe that thoughts are important, have value and need to be explored. Bullshit bullshit bullshit. πŸ˜…

It’s ok to leave thoughts unfinished. It’s ok to let go of control and leave thoughts incomplete. It’s ok not to know the meaning of a situation. It’s ok not to have answers. You are going to survive.

Everyone wants to have freedom of mind, yet many people struggle. So wanting to be free is not the problem.

The real solution is that you have to renounce the pleasure of exploring negative thoughts and you have to leave them there, incomplete, unprocessed, unfinished, untouched, and let them fade in the background of your mind.


βœ… renounce pleasure of completing mental scenes and thoughts in a desperate attempt to find an answer at the end

βœ… renounce the pleasure of putting the ending that you want in thoughts and scenes and to mentally edit situations that happened in your life so as to ‘correct’ them and put a new ending to them

βœ… renounce pleasure of working out and milking the meaning out every situation and learn to starve your mind of meaning, explanations and answers. Learn to live with less answers and more peace of mind

βœ… renounce curiosity of exploring negative thoughts and fears “just in case they are true”

βœ… realize that thoughts are not important for survival. Getting shit done and moving forward is importnt for survival. So whether you think more or less, what matters is “did you do it yes or no?” “are you moving forward yes or not?”. Start counting the number of actions not the number of thoughts

βœ… acknowledge and stay with the REAL feelings behind all of those thoughts such as feeling powerlessness, hurt, out of control, shame, anger, and stop protecting yourself from the REAL thing

This is a natural and real way to dominate your mind. No artificial techniques. No complicated theories. Just the deeper reality within you. Natural, powerful, quick, deep, and it works.

Let me know if you need more support applying this or if you’re ready to dominate your mind, fears, overthinking, anxieties and dissociation, you can book your discovery call here

In the meantime i wish you the bestΒ  πŸ™‚

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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