Have you ever wondered whats the difference in mindset between a person who has successfully recovered from dpdr and a person who hasn’t?

After years of healing myself and other people, ive learned that there are some beliefs and mindsets that people that overcome dpdr have, and people that are still suffering from ddpr don’t have

By understanding where you are at in these two groups, you can do more of the former and less of the latter with the final goal of getting back to your old self and living a life in joy!


• fighting & enemy mindset — i have to fight dpdr, i have to destroy it, i have to erase it from my life. Dpdr is an enemy, a monster, a demon to destroy

• superstitious mindset — i’m cursed, the universe wants me to suffer, this is my destiny, there’s nothing i can do about it

• “giving away power” mindset — my mind is more powerful than me, thoughts control me, feelings control me, the cure is outside of me and i have to find it

• “secret cure” mindset — I search for secret tips and pieces of information that will save me. The cure is outside of me in the form of information, fancy techniques, secret tips, new theories, etc.

• intense logical activity — i need to understand the different concepts, i have to do more research, i need to understand more, i worry if DPDR is like PTSD or whats the difference betwene BPD and OCD and understand the conceptual boundaries and theories about dpdr


• friendly mindset — dpdr is the dark side of the mind trying to protect me. I understand the benefits of dpdr and i understand that they have their purpose, and my mind simply doesnt know when to stop protecting me

• “i have power” mindset — with my interest and curiosity and focus, I give power to the thoughts to control me. It’s my interest and curiosity in them that feeds them. Life sucks doesnt really exist — it can be sometimes, but i always choose how to react to life and what happens. Thats my choice and it’s not “what happens out there”

• “i need to be stronger” mindset — first and foremost, I need to change as a person. The solution is inside. I stop researching more and looking for information as that confuses me even more. The change starts from me

• in touch with emotions — i understand that over time increased logical activity becomes the new distraction and excuse and amplifies dpdr itself. Speaking more fluently with concepts and words doesnt mean healing. Becoming more logical and knowing more doesnt mean healing. Knowing if dpdr is similar to other problems and what is the conceptual boundary between issues doesnt mean healing. I understand that it’s repressed emotions and unprocessed hurts what i need to look for in myself


By adopting this winner mindset and installing it into your mind and taking action on it, you’re going to be on the right path for your healing

To your success 😃

For further clarifications or questions, ask in the comments! 

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