How To Cure Depersonalization: Stop Using Problems As EXCUSES! [Cure Depersonalization Naturally]

Anyone knows how to google for solutions and symptoms, but not everyone is honest enough in admitting that they want to KEEP the problem and that they’re drawing a secret sense of comfort and safety out of it.

Many people think that dissociation is the reason why they can’t move forward, have great relationships, achieve their goals, and so on.

But we don’t realize how much what we call ‘problems’ are a WAY to avoid those weak parts of us that we don’t want to look at.

So instead of saying “I don’t want to connect to people, THEREFORE I’ve developed dissociation” we say “dissociation makes me feel numb, THEREFORE I can’t connect to people”.

From someone who has overcome a lot of negativity in his life, I can guarantee you one thing: That until you let go of that secret sense of comfort and safety in blaming problems and using them as an excuse, there’s no real growth and you’ll always go around in circles looking for solutions when the real solution is right under your nose.

More painful yes, but real. Negativity doesn’t stop with a magic pill; It stops when you face reality for what it is! This is how to cure depersonalization naturally that pretty much no one is talking about. To your success!

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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