How To Cure Depersonalization Naturally: Stop Using It As SHIELD! DEPERSONALIZATION NATURAL CURE

Many people in my position talk about how to overcome depersonalization, but in my experience in healing myself and people for years, I’ve realized that there must be a strong foundation of reality and honesty BEFORE the actual healing.

What do I mean by that? What i mean is that you need to release all the “energetic connections” you have with the problem BEFORE you actually solve it in practice. 🤨

Blaming dissociation, using it as an excuse as to why you underperform and don’t give your best, feeling unique because your symptoms are so complex, identifying yourself with dpdr – are just some examples.

I’ve never seen anyone talk about this in the level of depth, precision and practicality that I’m known for, and this is one of the things that make me unique. In this video I’m going going to show how to apply another depersonalization natural cure.

To your freedom!

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