How To Cure Depersonalization Naturally: Stop PSYCHO-ANALYZING Yourself! [MIND ADVANCED SECRETS]

In dissociation and dpdr, we are addicted to “understand the why” just for the sake of it, as if that was the solution to our problems.

So let’s say that you have two choices:

(A) finally you know the WHY you feel every single emotion, every thought and behavior, you can explain rationally and fluently your internal mechanisms and you feel satisfied because finally you know the why you have those sudden anger, sadness, fears, anxiety and negative thoughts

(B) you succeed in your life, achieve all your goals, and move forward confidently.

As humans we have such a strong impulse to understand the why, and when we are very intellectual, self-analytical, introspective and sensitive (typical traits of people who have dissociation/dpdr),

this impulse is directed towards our internal world and now emotions become an interesting concept to analyze instead of something to be felt.

When looked at objectively, we would rather know the why just for the sheer sense of satisfaction in having the answers and explaining yourself, than succeed and move forward in our life! I’m putting these choices together because, in my experience at least, you CANT succeed in both.

Either you spend one hour focusing on moving forward and building your life, or psycho-analyzing yourself and overthink how and why the past is linked to the present! So, do you want choice B?

Then you have to let go of the addiction of trying to understand the why’s and just move forward keeping those question marks and gray areas in the background.

This is a strategy on how to cure depersonalization naturally. To your freedom!

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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