How To Cure Depersonalization Naturally – Stop Obsessing On The Symptoms & What To Do Instead [RARE]

You think that the problem is the symptom, let me fix this brain fog, let me fix the unreality, let me fix the detachment, let me fix the overthinking, let me fix the anxiety, let me fix the numbness, let me fix all these individual components and by obsessing over them one by one with time eventually they’ll go away. 🤔

As simple as it sounds, the symptom is called precisely that, the symptom. Why? Because it’s not the real problem, it’s the byproduct of the real problem.

Now let me give you something else to focus on that is much more productive and effective: Need for control, emotion & identity confusion, pressure to be/do/feel, core beliefs such as not feeling enough. THESE are very common causes of anxiety and dissociation that people so often underestimate. You see, those core causes create and fuel a state of anxiety and dissociation. 👌

As an example, believing that you’re not enough the way you are and trying to be perfect creates overthinking and anxiety. Now you try and stop the individual thoughts/overthinking/negative emotions/anxiety, but what are you stopping if that’s not even the real problem?

You might feel anxious and dissociated simply because you’ve learned to ‘split’ your focus and direct it in ten thousands directions so you are aware of “potential dangers” and now that has become an habit in itself, and you never feel present in what you’re doing. The symptoms you experience are overthinking, anxiety, not feeling present, detachment.

Until your subconscious mind understands it’s safe to let it go and that it’s ok to be calm, it will NOT let it go and you will not feel calm no matter how hard you try, how much you ground yourself and how much you fix the symptom overthinking/anxiety/detachment. 😏

You need to actually work with your subconscious mind that is running this symptom and speak in its language that it’s safe. That’s why I’m specialized in this kind of work, because there is a real problem and a real solution, and that you cannot solve this on your own by trying to intellectualizing your way around it.


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