How To Be Naturally Confident In Yourself By Refusing Mental Comforts & Risking Your Face [RARE]

People think there’s a secret to being confident. I’ll tell you what the real problem with confidence is, especially nowadays. You are way too COMFORTABLE in your mind. There’s no risk. No exposure. Giving yourself the option to retreat when things get tough before you even start. That’s the real problem. Techniques strengthen foundations, but if the foundations are not there and you keep avoiding stuff in your life and your real emotions, there’s no real confidence there, and it’s very fragile.

You rely on mental techniques to be confident – changing negative thought to a more positive one, doing this mental trick, telling yourself that you’re confident, let me watch the next video or listen to this podcast and then I’m confident, affirmations that I’m confident, overcoming self-created intellectual things – way too much comfort in your mind, and as your mind keeps developing these grandiose ideals and thoughts of how confident you are and how much you’re conquering the world, your life remains exactly the same and at times you have yet to start. This stuff does not and will not replace the stuff to solve, figure out and the real work to do in YOUR life.

Real steel confidence from the people that inspire us, is forged in pressure, “figure it out or die” situations, risking your face, solving big problems in your life and being proud of it – that’s where the unshakeable foundation of real confidence is built upon – not comfortable mental techniques or some rituals you do to yourself and tell yourself you are a good person or “I’m confident I can do this” blah blah but then your life is exactly the same and it was just a mental thing in the first place. Waaaayyyyy too much comfort in your mind thinking about shit instead of actually changing your life.

This way I’m presenting you in this video is what I’ve done myself and I don’t have to rely or depend on any technique, person, relationship to make me confident. I can motivate, uplift, inspire myself any time, anywhere. Learn how.

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– Giuseppe Tavella, Anxiety & Dissociation Expert