I’ve noticed that many people i talk to and work with have a certain addiction to technology, screens, social media, absorbing information, etc.

Aside from the mental/emotional side of this which is

✅ avoiding uncomfortable emotions such as sadness and boredom through numbing yourself on social media

✅ compulsively searching for the next bit of “missing information” so as to avoid actually applying what you already know and being consistent with it

✅ having a brighter life on social media that convinces other people and gives the impression that your real life doesnt suck, and much more

There’s also a “logistical” component to it, meaning that you need to remove all these triggers, apps, software, subscriptions, information in the first place 👌

I run a business (supporting my students, enrolling new students, being paid, working on Facebook and Youtube, etc.) with 5 folders on my laptop and all the data, files and apps are organized in structures so i can easily find what im looking for and get more done in less time

Below i’ve attached screenshots of my phone, desktop and Gmail account — Pure, focused, only what matters

I turned “distractions” into “tools to impact the world”. So dont tell me that it’s technology; it’s what YOU DO with it

Feel free to take inspiration 😉