✅ my nervous system thinks it’s in danger
✅ my brain doesnt want me to remember
✅ dpdr doesnt let me feel emotions
✅ my brain is in fight/flight mode
✅ my dissociation is caused by generational trauma, it’s genetic and i cant fix it

Notice the pattern? 🤔

All of the above are a VERY subtle and intellectual form of PROCRASTINATION
Basically you are REFUSING to apply the solution NOW because you want to keep believing those beliefs above

You draw a secret and dark pleasure from “see? unfortunately this is the way it works!” and you delay committing and facing yourself NOW, waiting for this “ideal moment in future where my brain/nervous system will recognize there’s no danger” blah blah blah and all this intellectual stuff

But how do i know this and why am i sure?

Both because i used to do this too, and also because i have personally worked with people that had this ingrained belief that “there’s something wrong with my nervous system NO matter what i do”

Yet I had done the same sessions for the same kind of problems, same transforming work.. but nothing, they wanted to keep believing that “this trauma cant be healed” “my brain believes it’s in danger” blah blah blah

and they would come up with some fancy complicated intellectual explanation that they absorbed from a book on healing somewhere

even though i had just given them the solution that has worked for people with the same kind of problems!

Every day i see people in groups talking about “external things” and all these external theories and speak in this format: my brain/ mind/ body doesnt let me/doesnt want to/has a problem and i need to fix that first and then im free

My mind believes.. My nervous system thinks.. My brain doesnt want to.. My dissociation believes.. Dpdr doesnt let me..

See that? More often than not it’s an HIGHLY intellectual, subtle and smart form of advanced PROCRASTINATION that looks so real!!

After all it’s better to say that the book on trauma said that trauma is genetic and cant be fixed than to do the actual work and changing your life

It’s better to believe that (seemingly scientific intellectual psycho-analytic) excuse than to feel this feeling right NOW and take action NOW

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If you notice, the ones i mentioned above are a subtle form of

❌ avoiding taking responsibility right NOW
❌ avoiding taking action NOW
❌ avoid improving NOW
❌ avoid facing the past NOW
❌ avoid feeling those painful feelings NOW

Because FIRST you have to fix this undefined intellectual abstract thing and THEN you feel better and free

This is a very fascinating phenomenon that affects everyone but mostly intellectual people that “know a lot” and have done “a lot of research”

As a matter of fact, trapped in the labyrinths of explanations and theories in their mind that come from their intensive research, it’s very easy to attribute this painful feeling/problem that im feeling now to “that thing i read on that book”

It’s very easy to create a random link between problem and cause, then making a story out of it and internally explain to yourself and then post in groups and forums why it’s so hard and why you cant do it, isnt it so?

This is not to diminish your efforts.. but you get the point

So this sophisticated mechanism of protection works like this: You attribute the origin of the problem to an external part of you (the mind, body, brain, nervous system, theory, whatever etc) that supposedly has all the responsibility, and then along the way you convince yourself and focus on gathering more evidence and proof and as to why that part needs to be fixed FIRST and how you fixing that part is going to give you freedom

In the meantime you dont even realize it but you’re constantly DELAYING and PROCRASTINATING, waiting for an ideal moment in an ideal future where that part is finally going to ‘give’ you freedom. Smart the mechanism isnt it 😉

Im not saying that all the points i mentioned above are invalid, at all

All im saying is that the limit between scientific and “highly complicated intellectual excuse and belief that i create my mind that i use to justify myself” is always very subtle
So when i say that the mind is very smart, i mean it. So smart that in the background, it can prepare a wonderful excuse so cryptic, enigmatic, scientific, psycho-analytical and complicated that anyone could believe it

..instead of taking responsibility right NOW, taking action right NOW, facing the past right NOW, feeling right NOW, and giving yourself the permission to feel right NOW

So what is your excuse? What explanations do you come up with? What are you waiting for?

Giuseppe Tavella, DPDR & Dissociation Specialist