Giuseppe Tavella scam? Show me if you are a real man and criticize me below ⬇ (FOR SKEPTICS ONLY)

In my videos I always speak to motivated and smart people who want to get better, take action and have absolutely no time to waste with nonsense and coping and stories.

Understandably, my skeptics people felt left out to express themselves. So they reach out to me privately. Since I have no time to waste with this nonsense, this is their space. It’s their space to unload their shit and make public what they say in private.

Now let’s see who’s the man and who’s the little scared boy that hides in their little prison in their head and behind a keyboard.

Got anything to say? Want a space to criticize how scam I am? You don’t believe it’s going to work? You think I’m here just to make money and prey on vulnerable people? COMMENT BELOW. ALL OF IT.

If you don’t do it here, then you are incoherent with yourself and you are scamming yourself because you have no courage you are just a scared little boy that gets scared with the first challenge. It means you have no courage I will completely ignore your personal messages. I will personally unfuck your nonsense and the mental prisons and denial you’re in – what an honor!

DO IT HERE. Stop messing with the wrong people. Do something with your life. Stop with all this denial you’re in and face reality right in the face. Take action and stop telling me bullshit with this fake and inflated sense of confidence that is more fragile than glass. Real confidence challenges and exposes not hides and finds a very logical way to distort reality and justify its agendas.

You want to challenge me? Great that’s what I’m looking for. BRING IT ON and let’s have some fun.