Giuseppe Tavella Explains Your “Normal & Old Self” Is The #1 Problem! [Dpdr Expert]

You want a faster more intelligent way to solve anxiety and dissociation so you don’t have to spend the rest of your life figuring this out because you have much better things to do right? Here’s how. The way you are thinking about the problem, is the problem. The way you are solving the problem, is the problem. The conviction you have in what you think is the solution, is the problem. What you think is normal and your old self, is the problem.

No matter how hard logically creatively quickly you try, you are just changing positions in the same cage. Catastrophizing future, idealizing old self, trying to get back to normal, obsessing on feeling better, fear of being overwhelmed or making the same mistakes, fear of fear, anxiety of anxiety, etc – these are all projections of what you’re avoiding in the present moment. People obsess on the emotional, dramatic and logical content of these projections and think that by resolving these details they will feel better. That’s not the case. It was a projection all along. A projection or illusion doesn’t need to be resolved because there’s nothing to resolve, only undo the entire projection. To the extent how can you can heal your hand if you keep cutting it?

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– Giuseppe Tavella, Anxiety & Dissociation Expert