Giuseppe Tavella Explains “Emotions Engineering” – How Your Mind CREATES Symptoms [dpdr specialist]

No the symptom is not the problem. No your mind didn’t wake up one day and went “how can I ruin their life”. Your mind is just doing its job, it’s you being ignorant of how it works and getting in the way, the real source of the problem. Let the mind do its job, you do yours, which is to communicate to your mind (emotion to emotion not intellect to emotion) that you’re safe. No you’re not going crazy. It’s your ignorance, denial and constant resistance that make you go crazy.

It’s your mania of control that makes you go crazy, which in turn is reflecting subconscious feelings such as powerlessness, feeling unsafe, trapped, not enough, hurt, feeling out of control, that good things don’t last, feelings that in turn have nothing to do with symptoms. It’s this idea that you need to have control that makes you go crazy. Once and for all, just learn how your mind REALLY works, how it’s creating symptoms, let the mind do its job, you do yours, because I’ll give you a very specific solution on the REAL problem.

In this high-quality documentary you will learn the precise engineering and mathematics and mechanisms of your mind, I’ve squeezed years of experience in a few minutes, so you can have the best of the best. So in the same time you use to watch nonsense on Netflix, you learn who you really are so you can focus on what really matters in your life and have the relationships you want, and instead of watching fun, you create your own fun. It’s math. The mind is predictable. The mind has a very precise personality (dramatic, emotional, remembers with associations, remember what happened, I don’t want you to feel hurt, etc.).

It’s just a software for survival, with very specific mechanisms whose content and details change from person to person and then the ego likes to own them and “make them mine I’m unique they are mine it’s MY thought”, but the mechanisms remain exactly the same for everyone no matter how much you think your situation is unique. That’s nonsense. Your mind, the way you’ve been using it, is much more average and predictable than you think (ops ego feels hurt? Good beginning of change). Learn and apply the instructions I give.

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– Giuseppe Tavella, Anxiety & Dissociation Expert