Giuseppe Tavella Explains Dpdr Engineering – Emotional Withdrawal & Losing Yourself [UNIQUE 2021]

One of the scariest things about anxiety and dissociation is this feeling of losing yourself. And when you feel you’re losing something, you start to control it even more right? There you go. Most people don’t realize that the question they ask themselves and how they fix themselves IS the very foundation of the problem and how they got here losing themselves in the first place.

And that’s one. Another peculiarity about dissociation is this gradual process of emotional withdrawal and starting to think more and more, BEFORE the symptoms. Of course most people are not aware of this so since the symptoms are so “in their face”, they obsess over the symptoms because they really believe they are the problem. This will never end until you let all of these weird symptoms and irrelevant mental details go and start to focus on the real problem.

How good does it feel to have ONE direction and know exactly what to focus on? Imagine throwing away all books and theories and forums and just focusing on a few simple things that make all the difference so you can reinvest that time living the life you deserve.. Today you will learn just that. We’re going to break down complex topics in easy to understand, step by step instructions so you can focus on what really matters. To your success!

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To Your Success!
– Giuseppe Tavella, Anxiety & Dissociation Expert