Get “Mind Engineering” ebook by Giuseppe Tavella [UNIQUE]

Get “Mind Engineering” here and I promise you it’s going to change your life and the way you solve anxiety and dissociation and what is the REAL problem and save you YEARS of your life – no bs, no theories, no “just accept it”, no average advice.


Here’s what you’re going to learn:

✅ you will feel confident and have a crystal-clear direction on where to start, what to do, what not to do. This is rare, practical and specific information that will save you YEARS of unnecessary frustration and suffering and so much money and time

✅ why there’s nothing to fix and why the smartest and most effective way to ‘solve’ this anxiety and dissociation stuff and symptoms is to undo the foundation of the problem so there’s nothing to fix in the first place

✅ why fixing symptoms, resolving existential thoughts, controlling anxiety and your mind, obsessing on answers and feelings, etc. is all created by the same mechanisms and why you will not get out of this cycle by thinking your way out because there’s nothing to get out of in the first place, and how to finally undo this mechanism not subconsciously perpetuate it

✅ why you are stuck and how to get unstuck, why you are back to square one no matter how hard and creatively and logically you try to get out, and how to finally solve the real subconscious problem that you are not aware of, but it’s the one running the show of your symptoms and situation

✅ why it’s not about the emotional content of obsessions but the unhealed emotions and wounds that are running them

✅ why not only is fixing and obsessing on symptoms a waste of time, you are making yourself worse because you are fixing symptoms in the same way you’ve created them, thus, with the justification of ‘fixing’ them, you are actually amplifying them

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