Follow up with my student after months – she’s doing awesome 🥰

Follow up with my student after months – she’s doing awesome 🥰

✅ IF you do the work

✅ IF you follow the instructions and trust the process TILL THE END

✅ IF you release that control of trying to figure yourself out and whats wrong with you and how to fix yourself and you let me do my work

✅ IF you listen to me 100 percent precisely and apply consistently

..THEN you will results and breakthroughs 🎉

Some people jump from therapist to therapist thinking that this therapy is going to be it, and they forget to look within themselves..

Now, it’s TRUE for a good part that the therapy method being used is and remains super important, but trust me,

your attitude, motivation, commitment, consistency, releasing control, trusting the process contribute to the success of the therapy more than you imagine

Dont use the excellence of the method as an excuse to get lazy or take less action or commit less in the hope that the method is going to make up for this!

My therapy works but hey, you have to MAKE IT WORK too 🎯

Giuseppe Tavella, DPDR & Dissociation Specialist

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