Feeling Anxious For No Reason? Why Anxiety Is Not Real Problem & Solve Real Problem! [MIND-BLOWING]

Symptoms. Most people constantly talk about and worry about symptoms. In this documentary you’re going to learn how and when not only are symptoms not the real problem, but they have nothing to do with the real problem. Also you’re going to learn how to really “be good” with your emotions so not only can you solve symptoms, and make sure they never come back, but really understand yourself on a much deeper level.

This infrastructure and knowledge you’re going to learn can be applied to anxiety and dissociation as well as symptoms overall. You’re going to learn that being overwhelmed, anxiety, fear of future, fear of your emotions, existential thoughts, etc. are not the real problem and fixing them is not the solution. Rather than fixing and chasing problems and symptoms and individual pieces, you’re going to solve the real problem and strengthen your being. To your freedom and with love!

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To Your Success!
– Giuseppe Tavella, Anxiety & Dissociation Expert