Feeling Anxious For No Reason? How YOU Are Unconsciously CREATING Anxiety & BLAMING It [UNIQUE]

These are most people’s answers when I ask them why they feel anxious and what they believe about anxiety. I don’t know why I feel anxious. Anxiety is ruining my life. Anxiety is a demon I have to fight. Anxiety just happened to me and I’m just living with it. Anxiety is genetic.

The reason why I can’t achieve this goal/move forward in my life is because of anxiety. Anxiety is not letting me live my life. Anxiety anxiety anxiety is the problem right??

You see, in all these labyrinths of explanations, one thing is sure: You are not taking responsibility of how YOU have created and contributed to the anxiety. 😬

You’re not seeing how you are unconsciously CREATING anxiety, then unconsciously UNDERPERFORMING in your life so you can retrospectively (meaning, looking back) BLAME the anxiety as the “reason why” you couldn’t succeed, achieve your goals, start a relationship, date, have a partner, start a family, start a new career, and do all these wonderful things you want to do with your life

and then, unconsciously focusing your analytical/intellectual mind to find EVIDENCE and proof as to why anxiety is not letting me live my life/is genetic/can’t be overcome/etc. so you collect more “intellectual proof” that strengthens the excuse of why this artificial self-created problem called anxiety can’t be overcome and IT is controlling your life and you are just its unfortunate victim right? Sure! 😏

And how do we feed our excuses? Well we feed them with theories, statistics, intellectual explanations, research papers, becoming intellectually stubborn and not wanting to give up your explanations,

being secretly affectionate to the explanations, using explanations as your fallback plan and carefully preparing them in your mind by rehearsing them so you deliver them in the most articulate way possible so that “it lands” and “makes sense” in the other person’s minds and in your own, making the explanations so seductive and logically coherent and backing them up with so much proof and logical coherency so that the excuses have a more serious and “official tone”, etc.

See that? Believe it or not, you have created all of this. 👌

Consciously or unconsciously, to protect yourself, to avoid responsibilities, etc – whatever the reason, you have created your own cage so stop blaming the anxiety and take responsibility. Regardless of the why or when, you have done this to yourself and the sooner you face this harsh reality the sooner you get better. If you prefer to keep lying to yourself and avoid reality, don’t watch this video.

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