Fear Of Judgement Of Others: Why Am I So Afraid Of Being Judged? I Hate Being Judged! Then STOP JUDGING

We like to judge but don’t want to be judged. People think they can get away with judging other people and that they will not feel the consequences.

But no, it doesn’t work like that. So if you are struggling with fear of judgement, you’re indirectly telling me that YOU are judging people. It’s time to stop both and by letting people be free, you’re letting yourself be free too.

In this video I’m also going to explain that if you are waiting for people to change the way they think about you so that “then I can feel good about myself and I have the permission to achieve my goals and live my life”, you’re just wasting your time because that was never the problem to begin with. 😅

Enjoy and share with other people who are struggling with the fear of judgement!

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