Fear Of Future & Emotions? A Counter-intuitive & Unorthodox Way To Overcome It In SECONDS [RARE]

The future doesn’t exist, and logically you know that right? Yet how is it possible that you still scare yourself with fear of the future, anxiety, being overwhelmed, fear of anxiety coming back, fear of your emotions, fear that you won’t be able to handle and cope with the future and whatever comes your way? Clearly this is an emotional thing, and no logical thing will ever change an emotional thing. First you solve the emotional thing, and then logic aligns itself on its own.

Today you’re going to learn how the fear of the future works, what’s the real problem, how emotions and anxiety work, how to develop courage and confidence in your ability to feel and face emotions and create your inner peace and freedom. Here’s the main thing you’re going to learn: Strengthen your ability and focus to face and deal with whatever shows up in your awareness in the present moment, and the fear of the future and of your emotions will sort themselves out.

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– Giuseppe Tavella, Anxiety & Dissociation Expert