Existential fears – acceptance doesn’t do shit. How to solve symptoms in minutes [MIND-BLOWING]

Don’t worry I won’t tell you to just accept it. We know that already. Works for some people, but for you doesn’t do shit. I know I know. There’s deeper work that you need to do than just accepting it.

The thing is this. Your subconscious mind doesn’t feel safe to be here and feel the real feelings. It doesn’t feel safety and trust and wherever it goes it’s not safe.

So it naturally goes ‘in the clouds’. Learn how to stop existential fears, depersonalization existential fears, existential anxiety etc. whatever you want to call them by solving the REAL subconscious problem/emotion (the engine) that is driving all this existential and mental mess and symptoms.

With record speed in just 20 min I will explain you what’s the real problem, most common mistakes people make and how to ACTUALLY get rid of these symptoms for good and so much more –

we’ll do all of it so quickly and efficiently you’ll understand how being free of these symptoms can be so quick, permanent and powerful and how you can avoid wasting years of your life with quick fixes and coping only to find yourself back to square one. I will explain exactly how to avoid that.

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