Everyone has their own unique ways to emotionally and psychologically survive in this world.. 😮

Everyone has their own unique ways to emotionally and psychologically survive in this world.. 😮

Some people invent anxiety as a way to indirectly communicate that they need attention..

Some people make themselves sick “on demand” so they feel they have control over their own health..

Some people unconsciously stress themselves out so as to have an identity and can be perceived as a busy person and can get that sense of recognition..

My own sets of survival mechanisms included:

✅ “accumulate experience” and become a learning machine so as to be adult as fast as possible and escape from emotionally unstable parents/ house/ school/ environment/ village

✅ be as seen as possible so as to indirectly prove my parents that i was worth something (you didnt see me? Now I’m going to show you!!)

✅ highly sophisticated masks and prediction mechanisms to avoid being abandoned, hurt and rejected (tip: dont mistake authentic intuition for unhealed triggers. Meaning, if you tend to overthink a lot and you feel convinced that you ‘know’ what people are thinking, more often than not thats not authentic intuition but safety mechanisms masked as intuition and mixed up with self-entitlement 😉 )

✅ become so goddamn smart in psychology, mind, etc that no one could reach me or get at the real me

See those weird intuitive drawings i do in my videos? In the photo below, you see where this all started.. Unconscious, psycho-analysis, you name it.. i started when i was 16

If there’s one thing i want to say myself that i want to share with you, is how proud i am of myself for always believing in myself, for never giving up,

for always creating a path when there was none, for teaching myself ANYTHING no matter how complex it was from english to computer programming to business to therapy to motivating myself, no matter how logical, emotional, complex, subtle it was

for always putting myself out there, for always challenging the status quo, for being my own best parent 😎

If you resonate with this energy or my story or you want to know more of it, drop a like or share below – What are your talents? what do you like the most about yourself? what’s your unique story that you want the world to know? 🥰