Emotions Engineering – Unique Method To FEEL Authentic Emotions & Have FOCUS [Dpdr Expert]

How much difference would it make to know exactly what mistakes you’ve been making for years? To avoid years of frustration and unnecessary suffering? To trust yourself again and be your best friend? To feel your authentic emotions? How much would all of this this be worth to you?

Today you will learn how to finally reconnect with your authentic emotions, how the process works on a logical level, and then we’ll go and explore, feel, sit in these in these raw unedited spontaneous emotions so you can start living the relationships and life deep down you know you deserve (you need to sit back and watch from start to finish otherwise if you just look for the “secret x at y minute” it won’t make any sense because you have no context to understand that in).

I will teach you the mathematics and engineering of your mind and emotions in an easy, intuitive and practical way so you are not just “solving symptoms” but growing in strength, wisdom, compassion, smartness, introspection and the ability to understand and help yourself. Frameworks that if you want you can even use to help people! Emotions Engineering – a weird yet immensely powerful hybrid of logic and emotion – is the original solution I’ve created with you in my mind and in my heart. Enjoy!

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To Your Success!
– Giuseppe Tavella, Anxiety & Dissociation Expert