Dpdr Therapist Shares How To Reduce Anxiety, Stress, Overthinking, Overwhelm By Structuring Your Life

You dont win your mind in your mind 😲

Having free time, leaving things unfinished, not knowing what to do next, having chaos and unpredictability in your life, not knowing what your main goals, priorities and projects are —

these things can cause anxiety, fears, stress, overthinking and they can of course trigger dpdr and dissociation as a way to detach yourself from the overwhelm and not feel anything

It’s true, there are psychological causes to overthinking, anxiety, stress, dissociation, (such as trauma, bad past experiences, etc.) but even after i do good therapy with my clients,

i always tell them “hey, this is a collaboration. You need to take action. Here’s how you can do it” and then i show them how they can schedule their day — goals, projects, business, career, work, personal time, relationships etc.

Below i took a screnshoot of how my schedule looks like: I get things done, no anxiety, no overthinking, serene and calm, no stress

Achieving more by doing and thinking less.. how cool is that? 😍

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Whether you have overthinking, anxiety, dpdr, the name doesnt really matter

My clients know very well that to me solving a problem and succeeding in life is more important than naming and better describing the problem

So whether you have anxiety, dpdr, dissociation, overthinking, usually the underlying problem is the same: The sense of instability that comes from not knowing what to do next and the sheer chaos present in your life

So how you can solve it? By scheduling and knowing precisely what to do!

Are you curious to know how i do it and how this scheduling can reduce anxiety, overthinking, stress, even dissociation and so you can have that sense of stability that comes from knowing precisely what to do and getting more things done in less time?

Comment below with YES if you’re curious to know how me and my clients are succeeding using this simple system! 😃

– Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Therapist

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