Dpdr Therapist Explains How To Conquer Overthinking By Understanding “Overthinking DNA” [RARE]

Overthinking is a back and forth between an emotion that you WANT to feel and express, but at the same time you believe you CAN’T.

And bang now you’re stuck in an endless loop with no exit going back and forth between I want but I can’t, I want but I shouldn’t, etc. ad infinitum and feeling fatigued and drained as a consequence of that!

Dpdr therapist explains how to conquer overthinking by understanding Overthinking DNA and by mastering yourself. Instead of giving a coping technique that you have to rely on, I want to make you indipendent and explain you

the engineering of whats going on inside of you so you can be aware of it, master it and not being the victim of the things you’re unaware of. Enjoy!

– Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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