DPDR success story – how Ayse has won years of anxiety & doubt and feels confident calm & love 💗

Ayse is a very intelligent and strong woman. She knows a lot about anxiety, dissociation, how the brain works etc. but just couldn’t shake the feeling.

She resonated a lot with Giuseppe’s very precise knowledge and structured approach and after years trying to figure this out with classical therapies, research etc. she wanted to get to the bottom of this but nothing was really helping her. 🤷‍♀️

She was experiencing anxiety, health anxiety, perfectionism, self-doubt, dissociation, she didn’t value herself enough and this was keeping her stuck.

Her mindset and how she approached the whole collaboration is exactly what I mean by “successful student”. She is ready, she deeply knows these feelings are temporary, she has a deep understanding of what’s the real problem, and allowed herself to feel the real emotions. No time for bs, symptom fixing, coping etc. It was such a pleasure working with her!

After 8+ months after our last session, she keeps feeling better and better because what we do is quick and permanent because we solve the real problem. 🎯

Now she feels so much happier, connected with herself, so much calmer and socializing and connecting with people feels so easy and real!

As a result she feels a better mum, she gets much more stuff done and is conquering her goals! Symptoms free and enjoying her life.

What she loved the most was the one to one mentoring and precise structure and knowledge, which gave her the safety and belief that this is it this is what I was looking for.

Ayse’s #1 advice: stop fixing symptoms. You need to work on your real, subconscious, emotions. The symptom is not the problem. Solve the real problem and symptoms will take care of themselves

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