Dpdr Success Story & Dissociation Success Story – How Tamara Has Overcome Anxiety & Dpdr FOREVER

Tamara had severe anxiety and dissociation and although that was triggered after major events a few months ago, she always had anxiety.

After trying acceptance, distraction, talk therapy, relax your body and release stress, etc. and all these symptom-focused and intellect-focused methods that either fix the symptoms but don’t solve the real problem ( = symptoms keep coming back),

or do neither of the two ( = you’re wasting time and money), or body-based methods that release stress and ground yourself but you still have unresolved emotional stuff, mental mechanisms, low self-esteem, limiting beliefs about your emotions, I’m not good enough, it’s not safe to be myself, social anxiety, etc. – 😏
she realized there was something missing, that she needed a solution that would solve the real problem once and for all so she didn’t have to constantly cope, accept, distract herself from the symptoms in the first place.

Even though today she feels very happy, confident, calm, so much more connected with herself and real and joyful and so much more full of love and respect for herself, things were very different just 5 sessions ago when she was struggling with anxiety, dissociation, self-doubt, fears, low self-worth and esteem, insecurities, etc. 😎

It was so bad that she had suicidal thoughts. But in literally hours of my specific hypnosis and methods we’ve resolved a lifetime of anxiety with all the weird symptoms that came with it.

So how did she do it? Here’s how. She just followed the process. She let go of whatever she needed to let go. No agenda or secondary gain. No excuse. She got out of her own way and instead put her trust in my ability to guide her. She was ready NOW, let go NOW, do it NOW. Problem solved. Welcome freedom. Move on with your life. THAT’S IT. 💯

Like my top students, she JUST FOLLOWED THE PROCESS. I didn’t have to convince her to change anything or to wait or I’m not sure I want to let this go blah blah she was absolutely 100 percent ready NOW. And when your readiness meets the super specific method, that’s when YOU create outstanding results – one cannot work, or compensate, without the other.

Stop telling yourself bs stories why you can’t do it, why it’s hard, why I’m different blah blah and get inspired and learn from her amazing story. Your situation is not different. It’s going to be uncomfortable, but it’s easy.

Tamara’s #1 piece of advice: If I’ve done it, anyone can do it. Book the discovery call with Giuseppe, just follow the process, and focus on your freedom not problems! 🎉

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