Dpdr Success Story & Dissociation Success Story – How Ethan Has Neutralized Symptoms In 2 Sessions

Here’s the story and results of my student Ethan. Although he ‘functioned’ okay overall, he wanted much more out of life and felt that he wasn’t experiencing life to the fullest. He felt very disconnected and unreal, had social anxiety and blocks, unsolved traumas and past problems and more that prevented him from being the best version of himself and conquering his life. In a few hours of work with me those problems have been pulverized, PERMANENTLY.

Why? Did we do something special? Mental tricks? Quick fixes that fix symptoms only to find yourself back at square one? No he just followed the process and did whatever he needed to do and let go of whatever he needed to let go to create these results for himself and for his future. He didn’t play the hurt and innocent victim or look for excuses, he didn’t talk about symptoms, he didn’t beat around the bush and still hesitate after committing like most people do – he just fucking did it, followed the process and went all in. Problem gone. Move on with your life. That’s it.

He has accepted to do an audio interview although he prefers not to share more private information for professional reasons. Enjoy!

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