DPDR Success Story & Dissociation Success Story: How Estelle Has WON 43 Years of DPDR [MIND-BLOWING]

Estelle is an inspiration for all of us, me included.

After trying every solution known to mankind for 43 years and investing tens of thousands of dollars, she reached out to me. And now she is here sharing her amazing transformation. 🥰

The main breakthroughs she has gotten are: sense of calmness and inner peace, feeling present and grounded, feeling safe and confident, blissful nights sleep, freedom from the traumas of the past (and their protections), standing up for herself,

more authentic and honest with her feelings, healthier relationships, no more overthinking and racing thoughts, horrible pressure in the head gone, significantly reduced conflicts in relationships, no more reactivity and anxiety, more assertive and much more!

For reference, we did all of this in 9 sessions (even though it could have taken less). Most people look for validation and then you give them the solution and they reject it and turn the other way and keep coming up with new more sophisticated excuses and “yes BUT [insert excuse]”;

their secret intention is to keep wandering in forums and groups, thinking where they can hunt for the next dose of social validation, investing their precious time and energy proving to the world and to themselves how incurable and hopeless they are and how unique, unfixable and complex their problems are (ops!),

and eternally waiting in a limbo zone to hear those magic words from people “I understand you” “poor you” “I’m sorry” “you’re going to be fine” “that’s ok I’m worse than you” “wow you’ve survived so much” “wow you’re so strong” (here’s the dose).

These people have the time to read and share and amplify and swallow in suffering but not to take massive ACTION and FACE yourself — even though they are still convinced that “I want to get better” (funny paradox isn’t it, no wonder why you’re still stuck!).

But Estelle, like my top students, is different. She has been extremely proactive, followed every instruction i gave her, put aside ALL the excuses, followed me and no one else, faced all those repressed and painful feelings, and now she’s here.

Estelle #1 piece of advice for those who are still struggling: Listen to what Giuseppe has to say!

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