Dpdr success story & dissociation success story – how Anna has won 20+ yrs of anxiety, doubt & dpdr!

Anna is a role model for everyone. An action taker, she loves investing in herself, and she just goes for it. In a few sessions she has gotten rid of years of unnecessary anxiety, social anxiety, doubts, fears, worries, traumas, blocks, dissociation that were stopping from achieving her goals and being the woman she wanted to be.

She’s very smart she’s tried a lot of stuff and was very consistent at it – she’s taken courses, read books, done all kinds of therapies, watched all the videos out there. But nothing has helped her like the work we’ve done, in so little time.

Now she feels so much calmer and present, she’s making friends, feels much more social, feels more solid in herself, much more confident and connected, and she deserves all of it! She has a lot to teach and in this interview we reveal the ‘secrets’ to finally live the life you want and how it’s possible to get these incredible breakthroughs in so little time. Enjoy get inspired and share!

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