DPDR Success Story & Dissociation Success Story: FEELING REAL Emotions In Your Body (improvements)

People often underestimate what it REALLY takes to have breakthroughs and feel calm, present, confident and stop years and decades of overthinking, dpdr/dissociation, anxiety, depression and fears 😏

And even though i do pretty much the same kind of work on every student of mine, there seems to be a marked difference in mindset, motivation, courage, readiness and proactivity and other variables across people

So I want to teach you my top students mindset so that you can learn from them
And the pattern is often the same: Whenever people apply the following points, they have a breakthrough

So let me give you the ‘secrets’ straight from my top students:

✅ drop ALL the excuses — you have to drop ALL the excuses. No excuses is allowed. The mind is an advanced excuse-making machine ready to create an excuse any time you need it. My students know very well that i dont listen to excuses.

I dont validate them. I dont nurture them. Let’s get straight to the point and let’s get the work done. No excuse is allowed (both the simple ones as well as the more intellectual ones)

✅ burn the ships — you have to feel uncomfortable in a way or another. Saying no to people, leaving relationships, challenging your family, challening people that hurt you, etc..

You have to be willing to challenge. You have to burn the ships and remove the familiar and habitual patterns of dysfunctional relationships, being validated, being treated as fragile because you have a problem, receiveing attention, etc.

✅ release control — (having the illusion of) controlling your feelings, thoughts, yourself, life, the world causes so many problems. You need to be willing to release control and COMPLETELY and unconditionally surrender this mania of controlling emotions, people, what they think, life, world, etc.

✅ release energetic connections and attachments — identifying yourself with problems, making an identity out of sadness/ fear/ anxiety with the secret hope your going to get attention/be understood/be validated is another big one.

You have to drop these identifications and refuse the benefits of problems. Refuse the positive you get with feeling negative.

Avoid ONLY one of the things i’ve mentioned above, and it’s going to be excruciatingly hard for you to see results

I know your wondering “yes i get it it’s all mindset but what is the secret to overcoming dpdr/dissociation. I need to know the secret thats all i need”.. here’s how you’re falling into the trap again

This is not mindset; this is moving beyond problems and growing as a person and creating the breakthroughs you want to see.

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist