DPDR Success Story & Dissociation Success Story – Cognitive & Emotional Improvements


After living in fear and anxiety for all your life, having all kinds of traumas and betrayals in relationships, there’s something wrong with me, shocking experiences like death of parent at early age, guilt, numbness, stress etc.

As with all my students, he had tried counseling, psychoanalysis, talk therapy, etc and as predicted, with anxiety but especially with dissociation, these therapies do pretty much nothing

The improvements you see below have been created in 5 sessions spread across 10 weeks
Im not satisfied though, there’s more we can improve 😏

If you’d like to have similar improvements and dont want to waste time with talk therapies that, in all honesty, are excruciatingly slow in healing deep wounds, emotions, traumas and subconscious blockages..

contacting me is a great option, as is booking a free discovery call at the link here

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