DPDR Success Story & Depersonalization Success Story – You Do NOT Need To Be Motivated

I’ve worked with people whose partner had multiple cancers, who live in a household with emotionally unstable people, people who were almost suicidal, etc.

and DESPITE everything, they managed to make massive improvements! 🎉

On the other side i have people who contact me every week or comment on my social media, ask me “how can i motivate myself” and still make excuses and are waiting for the secret information to motivating themselves,

or get offended cause im too direct and they dont like the way i explain things and try to change me instead of just following the instructions they are given 🤣

Let me tell you, if this is you, you are being FRAGILE

You tell me you want to change your life, and then you have this attitude and motivation that break so easily? Mhh that doesnt add up..

You want to change your life but you’re not willing to change your attitude?

Regardless of where you’re at, you can find WAYS or you can find EXCUSES

To really change your life, first you need to fortify your attitude, to be okay in being wrong, to put your coolness and ego aside,

to stop making small and big excuses no matter how much “sense” they make and how self-righteous you feel about them

This is true for you and for me whenever i work with other experts and mentors to improve other areas of my life. It’s the same for everyone 👌

Don’t wait for life to get worse to be motivated to improve, and don’t get comfortable and stop when life starts getting better

You have always at least one excuse, and at least one way – What you focus on is your choice

Contact me or book a discovery call with me if you’re ready to overcome dpdr/dissociation, anxiety, overthinking, emotional numbness – link in comments below

Image may contain: text that says 'Iliad 2:19 Active Fri 11:33 AM hey just checking in.. how have you been doing? Fri at 5:33 PM Hi Giuseppe things are going well over all, work is very slow, this house is full of emotionally unstable people and got this weird sense of calmness Very good gotta to say feels good, never thought would be able to feel this calm around this madness Fri at 5:57 PM That's very good!!! Aa'