DPDR Success Story & Depersonalization Success Story – Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

Final push towards dpdr full recovery and beyond 💯

But HOW do YOU do that and how can you learn from my top students? What is their ‘secret’? Here’s how:

✅ remove all the “energetic connections” you have with dpdr/dissociation. Any sense of comfort, familiarity, excuse, protection, story you keep telling yourself; you have to be 100 decisive that you do not want it anymore and you’re not interested in its protections and secret comforts

✅ feel whatever you need to feel and stop intellectualizing and avoiding feelings. If intellectualizing and avoiding feelings worked, why are those uncomfortable feelings still there lurking in the background and keep popping out when you least expect it?

✅ stop saying that you are an anxious person, an overthinker, numb, that you are a complex case, that you are unique, that this and that. Seriously, stop.

Everyone says that they are the most complex case. If you keep saying that you are numb and thats the reason why you cant access and feel emotions, WHEN do you expect you’re going to feel emotions? You have to stop these identifications NOW — not afterwards in an undefined future

✅ focus on actually taking action and getting better not focusing on whats wrong with you and amplifying that and coming up with new problems. Do you want to get better yes or no? Are you 100 percent sure?

If you want to get better, then focus on getting better — not on searching in your mind whats wrong with you or coming up with another problem or excuse or explaining why you cant do this because im an anxious person because my family because my past because this and that happened to me blah blah blah

Here are some pro tips from my top students. Now go and apply

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist