DPDR Success Story & Depersonalization Success Story – 85 percent recovered, let’s keep going!

Another student moving towards full recovery 🥰

Honestly, solving dpdr/dissociation is one of toughest and most complex things i’ve ever done in my life. This shit is perhaps one of the most complex psychological and emotional issue that exists 😅

You have so many invisible variables, where do you even start? Dissociation from traumas? If you heal those traumas the symptoms should go away right? Dissociation from conflicting beliefs about your identity and identity split?

Dissociation from repressed anxiety and accumulated stress? So if you remove the anxiety the symptoms should go away right? If they dont go away by removing anxiety what do you do? etc. etc. etc.

Look, im not perfect, some people have had this for so long and their situation is so complex and layered that i cant promise you that every symptom will go away and every dream of yours will come true in just a few sessions

On the other side, i feel good knowing that at least i am IN the game risking my face and career trying to change peoples lives for the better – not writing books and talking about abstract theories and risking nothing and just “spreading awareness”. Thats the easy part 😏

With this student, we’re moving closer to that 100 percent in just 2-3 sessions and of course constant application. Let’s keep going! 😃

Giuseppe Tavella, DPDR & Dissociation Specialist

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