Discover how people like you have transformed their life and now feel free, calm, connected, safe, confident and present without DPDR/dissociation, anxiety, overthinking, self-doubt and negative thoughts*

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BEFORE: self-doubt, fears of people, dissociation, procrastination, overthinking, negative thoughts

AFTER: feeling safe, present and grounded, calm, having clarity in goals, feeling confident, happier, no more negative voice


BEFORE: strong emotional numbness, depression, suicidal thoughts, dissociation, dysfunctional relationships, traumas

AFTER: empowered, loving life, no more negative voice, standing up for herself, healthier relationships, respected, way more energetic and calm


BEFORE: intense overthinking, feeling detached, existential rumination, obsessing, dpdr

AFTER: free of overthinking, calm, present, happier, focused, empowered, feeling real and himself


BEFORE: intense overthinking and constant racing thoughts, chronic dpdr, anxiety, traumas, many dpdr symptoms such as unreality and feeling detached

AFTER: head pressure gone, unreality symptom gone, clarity in mind, confident, assertive, calm, safe, great nights sleep, loving herself, expressing her feelings, standing up for herself, clearer relationships and boundaries


BEFORE: feeling numb/detached from her emotions, low self-esteem, criticizing herself, feeling empty lost and confused, depression, anger issues

AFTER: feeling much more empathetic, having a clear direction in life and motivated to achieve her goals, deeper and more fulfilling relationships, started dating again, feeling way more patient and calm, feeling lighter and more energetic


BEFORE: brain fog, dreamy/unreality feeling, disconnected from emotions, guilt for being happy

AFTER: being focused, energetic, motivated, excited, feeling emotions, being present, feeling connected, feeling himself, feeling real


BEFORE: social anxiety, strong overthinking, 24/7 dissociation, brain fog, disconnected from himself, belief I don’t feel enough and there’s something wrong with me

AFTER: connected to planet Earth, connected to himself, feeling real emotions, much more confident in social situations, way calmer and present


J. R.





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