DPDR Specialist Shares SOLUTIONS On STOPPING DPDR Existential Thoughts & DPDR Philosophical Thoughts

You don’t have an existential thoughts and thinking problem. You have a control problem.

And that in turn has nothing to do with existential thoughts and thinking. 😮

In this video I explain you the workings of the mind from start to finish as far as existential/philosophical thoughts and the nature of thinking itself.

Unlike most coaches and therapists in my position who give you “here’s how it works now buy my course to know how to solve it” explanations, I want to give you everything in this video and in all my other videos. 💯

In this video you’re going to learn that what you think is the problem (existential thoughts, intense thinking, being up in your head, etc.) is not the problem, and what is the real problem instead.

I know this video will surprise you and will give you a new perspective that you had never considered before, more peace of mind and feeling calmer.

To your freedom!

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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