Dpdr Specialist On Why You Need To Stop Fixing Symptoms NOW & The ONLY Solution You Need [UNIQUE]

Here’s the only video you need to watch about anxiety and dissociation and their solution. I’m going to show you the fatal mistakes that 99.9 percent of people out there are making (yes you included) that make them suffer, why they struggle, why they feel stuck and why they don’t make any progress or make progress but it doesn’t last. This documentary alone contains unique information that is going to save you so much frustration, suffering, time, money, relationships that you don’t even imagine and, unlike the average person that mindlessly wanders in forums and “self-help” groups talking about symptoms and then skipping the video because “it’s too long” and then complains that they’re not getting better (because all they wanted was a dose of validation, useless reassurance and “being understood” not a solution), you’ll thank me later that you will have watched it till the end.

I’m going to walk you through the private caves and labyrinths of your mind, through that secret world that you think is unique and different, but that is actually very average and predictable (that’s good news!), and I’m going to show you what is the only REAL problem and the only REAL solution you need, and how these symptoms and “emotional and mental problems” can be solved in HOURS of specific work.

You will learn, with laser precision, how your mind works and how 95 percent of your self-created suffering consists of denial, avoidance and simply constantly reacting to and resisting the real feelings. You will learn more in this video documentary than in years of talk, psychoanalytical and intellectual therapies (remember my words). Follow the instructions I give you, do the work, follow the process, stop obsessing on symptoms and irrelevant emotional details, stop resisting and avoiding feelings, focus on the solution, and the ‘symptoms and mental problems’ will sort themselves out on their own. Here are they keys – now go and free yourself from the cage you’ve self-created.

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– Giuseppe Tavella, Anxiety & Dissociation Expert