DPDR Specialist Explains PRECISELY What You’re Doing In Your Mind To Dissociate [UNIQUE]

I know exactly what you’re doing in your mind no matter how much you deny it and try not to see it. One thing you do in your mind to dissociate is to THINK. At the core, we think to avoid the same painful emotion from being triggered again.

You can overthink the entire day and replaying all these conversations in your mind and you think that the problem is overthinking and the solution is that I need to stop overthinking right? Well, overthinking is not the problem and stopping overthinking is not the solution! 😅

The real problem is that you are avoiding emotions. You are avoiding feeling that hurt in your body. You are avoiding feeling that pressure. You can dissociate the entire day and trying to think and think so hard, but what you’re really avoiding is just FEELING that emotion in your BODY right NOW WITHOUT mental protections.

You don’t have to ‘stop’ overthinking – you need to get used feeling emotions those emotions that overthinking is helping you avoid – embarrassment, shame, guilt, sadness, hurt, etc. Of course now you’re going to say that you don’t have emotions and that the reason why I can’t do this is because I have a disorder blah blah blah it’s precisely the opposite; You are in this situation BECAUSE you’ve denied your emotions. 😏

What I’ve learned is that people in dissociation have very subtle yet ingrained habits of denying themselves and reality; It’s no coincidence that you are in dissociation!
The disorder is the amplification of what you’ve been doing to yourself, not an external entity that ‘ruins’ your life! Stop these mental games of denial and face reality! More specifically, what you’re avoiding is EMOTIONS, vulnerable emotions.

Another more specific form of overthinking and dissociation is what I call “intellectual bullets” – in your head, replaying scenarios, and constantly preparing explanations of how you will react, or how you would have reacted, what you will say, how you’re going to react when that person says this, etc.

It’s like an intellectual mapping between “when X emotion gets triggered, I’m going to react by doing/saying Y” so instead of feeling embarrassed, shy, vulnerable, exposed, hurt in your BODY right NOW and being CAUGHT off guard and feeling UNPREPARED – you prepare a complicated explanation in your mind that helps you dissociate away from the real feeling and use a comfort intellectual protection instead. 😉

To your mental and emotional freedom,

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