Dpdr Specialist Explains How To Overcome Anxiety By Undoing “Hungry Obsessive Mechanism” [UNIQUE]

What most people call “fixing feelings and symptoms” is just another more complicated way in which they are trapping themselves. They are not solving and fixing anything, they’re just creating another higher level more complicated intellectual cage. First it’s the fear of having the feeling, then you ‘get rid of’ ( = repress) the feeling and now you’re scared it’s going to come back, then it comes back and you get frustrated when it’s going to leave, then it’s gone but you want to make sure it’s really really gone by checking if it’s there or if its intensity as the same as before so you chase it and look for it, fear to have the feeling, fear not to have the feeling, fear of being overwhelmed by the feeling, what can I do not to have the feeling, obsessing on removing feeling, obsessing on not having the feeling, obsessing on the return of the feeling, obsessing on checking the feeling, obsessing on controlling the feeling, obsessing on fixing feeling with reassurance and intellectual things, etc. You see? IT’S THE SAME STUFF it doesn’t matter what you do this mechanism is always hungry and unfulfilled and it searches for something else to perpetuate itself!

People get caught up in trying to figure out, fix and explore the emotional details IN this cage but they don’t see that they are in the cage in the first place. This suffering will never end until you shift the relationship you with your feelings NOW. There’s nothing to get rid and fix, these are just projections. Figuring out, fixing and exploring these irrelevant intellectual and emotional details are just different ways, projections and stories in which anxiety is perpetuating itself, it’s basically giving you a reason why it should exist – they have absolutely nothing to do with the real problem! Watch this documentary and learn how to finally understand how this whole mechanism works so you have the knowledge you need and you learn whatever you need to learn so you can free yourself from unnecessary and self-created perceived suffering.

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