Dpdr Recovery – Why Most Advice Is BS, What’s REAL Problem & What’s REAL Solution [DEEP]

Alright let’s start with this. In this industry most gurus underestimate the depth and nuances of what anxiety and dissociation really are. If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know I’m not here to be your average “just accept it/distract yourself/ground yourself/move on with your life” guru. I’m here to teach you how to conquer your mind so you really understand, from start to finish, what’s the real problem, what your mind really wants, and how to resolve it once and for all – all naturally, precisely and effectively.

To start off, the foundations of chronic anxiety and dissociation are: (A) your core self is hurt and (B) you have emotional conflicts and ambiguous unresolved emotions. Who tells you to just accept it and to move on with your life or to change a few thoughts intellectually is saying bullshit, or is simply covering up ignorance with quick fixes and tips. Your mind wants SAFETY, that’s all it wants and that’s its #1 priority, and that’s the CORE reason why it creates these symptoms.

Just give your mind this safety it’s desperately looking for by resolving whatever has threatened, undermined and shaken this sense of safety (in the world, your sense of self and emotions, people, relationships, etc.), so it doesn’t have to create protections, defenses, control and analysis networks, weird sensations and symptoms in the first place. If your mind doesn’t feel safe at the core on a subconscious level, you will keep struggling no matter what you do, and you will keep obsessing over conscious symptoms because the conscious mind will search for proof of why it’s not safe by confirming subconscious, unresolved emotions of hurt and unsafety. Just solve the real subconscious problem and strengthen your being so your subconscious doesn’t have to create symptoms in the first place you know what I mean? Enjoy!

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– Giuseppe Tavella, Anxiety & Dissociation Expert