Dpdr Hypnosis: Emotional Editing & Fragmentation – Dissociation Engineering [Hypnosis For Dpdr]

By the end of this immersive and exclusive video documentary I’ve created for you you will know more about how to solve anxiety and dissociation than most people who have years of research trying to fix themselves with their intellect and who know “a lot of stuff intellectually” yet they feel the same, and who keep chasing and fixing symptoms, jumping from acceptance to distraction to coping techniques and all this symptom-based methods.

When thinking about dissociation and anxiety recovery, most people think that dissociation or anxiety are two amorphous mysterious complicated entities that they need to fight, fix, remove. In reality, the real problem is much more subtle and subconscious than they think and no amount of intellectual fixing and investigation will solve it, only amplify it, in that that intellectual/in your head stuff you do to fix yourself is the AMPLIFICATION of the symptoms not their solution (the symptoms are trying to fix themselves, noticed?). Today you’re going to learn the hidden subtle engineering of how these invisible mechanisms work, how you dissociate and get anxious in milliseconds, and how THAT is the real source of the problem.

In this invisible space, milliseconds of focus, that’s where it all begins, and that’s where you solve the real problem. In this space, emotions get modified, overthinking and anxiety start, detachment from your emotion starts, hyperawareness starts. Your mind is a software, not who you are. With unparalleled precision and laser clarity, in this exclusive documentary you’re going to learn where the actual dissociation and anxiety begin, and how doing hypnosis work on those specific areas is the solution you’ve been looking for. No other anxiety or dissociation coach talk about this simply because they are not even aware of these things in the first place, and needless to say they cannot take you where they have not gone themselves. You will not find anything like this out there. Promised. To your freedom!

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To Your Success!
– Giuseppe Tavella, DPDR & Dissociation Specialist