Dpdr Hypnosis: Anxiety Is Not The Problem! Solve Self-doubt & Low Self-worth [Hypnosis For Dpdr]

Anxiety and dissociation might simply be the symptom of constantly doubting yourself, your decisions, behaviors, emotions, intentions. Call it self-blame, self-doubt, self-guilt, self-hatred, taking things personally, social anxiety, fear of judgement etc. it’s all the same stuff: You believe there’s something wrong with your intentions/emotions or that you’re not enough the way you are and your mind projects this feeling of insecurity and low self-worth onto people and then your intellect names this projection “fear of judgement” “social anxiety” “people don’t like me” etc.

Today you’re going to learn how it is possible that with the hypnosis work that I do you can notice massive positive changes in anxiety and dissociation and even completely solve them even if you’ve had them for decades, in a few hours (yep!). By knowing exactly where to touch, what’s the real problem and exactly how to solve it, you can go like a laser and solve it once and for all so you can feel confident, like yourself, develop a solid self-esteem, trust in yourself, feel confident around people, feel comfortable in your own skin, stand up for yourself, feel calm and connected. How? By doing yourself a favor: Stop chasing symptoms and solve the real problem.

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– Giuseppe Tavella, DPDR & Dissociation Specialist