Dpdr Hypnosis: Anxiety Is Byproduct Of Self-doubt & Low Self-worth! Solve THOSE! [Hypnotherapy Dpdr]

Self-doubt and low self-worth – you think they are yours, but fortunately they are not. More often that not, what you label as “self-doubt, low self-worth/ esteem/ confidence” are simply hypnotic suggestions that someone has given you when you trusted them, some kind of authority figure you didn’t question, some important person with whom there was a strong trust and emotional connection, and whatever they said has been installed as a belief/program/pattern in your mind that now you believe it’s ‘mine’.

Now here’s the exciting part. By using the same principles that created self-doubt and low self-worth, you can uncreate them just as easily, and as a byproduct, you feel confident and trust yourself and love yourself. Today you’re going to learn (1) precisely in granular detail, how it is possible to overcome self-doubt and low self-worth in less than an hour (2) how anxiety and social anxiety are not the real problem, but the byproduct of self-doubt, low self-worth and confidence, and how to stop wasting time fighting visible symptoms when they are not even the real problem, and how to solve the invisible problem.

This is how it works: The higher the trust, authority position and emotional connection with this person, and the more your level of emotional absorption and sensitivity in that moment, the more that their voice/beliefs/actions is now stuck in your mind. So how do you solve this? As an example, by recontextualizing and reframing “self-doubt” as “that person’s voice” or “that girl’s story I read on a newspaper” and by rechanneling these emotions in another direction where you feel disidentified from them, your subconscious can now categorize those previous self-doubt/low self-worth thoughts and emotions as belonging to someone else not you, or something that was happening to that person in the past not you now. The opposite of taking it personally and believing it’s your fault pretty much.

So now when we finish our session and go and live your life, whenever you get one of those “self-doubt” or “low self-worth” thoughts and emotions, your subconscious will immediately go “wait that’s mum’s voice” “haha that’s my ex’s voice I can see right through it it’s not me anymore” “oh it’s the emotion of that person I was reading about in the newspaper” and you will feel ‘disidentified’ from them, which means that they are not believable, you feel they don’t belong to you anymore, and their emotional charge has been discharged so to speak. In layman’s terms, you are FREE. Learn how.

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– Giuseppe Tavella, Anxiety & Dissociation Expert