Dpdr Expert Explains Why Obsessing On Symptoms Is BS & What’s The REAL Problem [UNIQUE 2021]

Good or bad news first? Alright let’s start with the bad ones. The bad news is this: What you say you want (calmness, peace, relax, happiness, connection, emotions) and what you think is the real problem (anxiety, dissociation, overthinking, self-doubt) have pretty much nothing to with the real problem and real solution – so no matter how hard and creatively you try to fix stuff, you are back to square one.

The good news is this: This self-created obsessive mental cage you’ve built for yourself called ‘disorder’ is built upon one foundation: Obsession. The obsession changes forms, justifications, targets, but at the core it’s the same stuff and the same mental obsessive energy. The obsession creates anxiety even when it’s not there, and when anxiety is there now the obsession changes target and focuses on fixing and removing its own creation, then the obsession fixes its self-created anxiety and now it changes target, and this time the target is that the obsession is scared anxiety is going to come back so it focuses on controlling and predicting it, which makes anxiety comes back, which is going to try and fix, and the cycle never ends. 

No matter how smart, fast, logical you are, you will NOT escape the mind no matter how hard you try. The only solution is the super specific information and awareness of how the mind works, and its constant UNDOING. Avoiding, denying, being afraid of, forgetting, fixing the obsession, is just another obsession and you are back in the cycle.

The promise at the end of these obsessions? Always the same: Control, safety, happiness. Well it doesn’t seem that you are very in control, safe and happy are you? Today you are going to learn once and for all what’s the real problem with symptoms, anxiety, dissociation, overthinking and how to finally ‘solve’ it in the most simple, elegant and powerful way. Enjoy!

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– Giuseppe Tavella, Anxiety & Dissociation Expert