Dpdr Expert Explains How To RECONNECT With Real EMOTIONS – UNIQUE [Dpdr Specialist]

Emotional mess, emotional disconnection, losing focus and being distracted, escaping and retreating in your head – these things have one thing in common. It’s the mind shifting focus from the “main thing” to an “intellectual & emotional distraction”.

Today you’re going to learn how to reconnect with your real emotions by (1) mastering your focus and really understanding how the mind redirects focus from main thing to distraction and how it does that and how you naively believe in it (2) and learning the difference between original emotions and reactive emotions.

Because the thing is this. People who create their anxiety and dissociation very often have layers of beliefs around their emotions: It’s wrong to feel this, I shouldn’t feel it, it’s too much, I’m too sensitive, I’m too nice, I should be different, it’s bad, people don’t like who I am, etc. So the original emotion gets intertwined with another protective/reactive emotion, for example love with fear, shyness with shame, happiness with guilt, sadness with anger and you start to feel confused on “who I should be/feel”.

To complicate this even further, when this other protective/reactive emotion fails to replace the function & need of the original emotion (for example I’m trying to be loved by just being myself but that’s not good enough, so I feel anxious but that’s not good either) that’s when, as a byproduct/symptom, you feel disconnected from your real emotions, you feel inauthentic, you overthink and escape in your head, anxiety, burnout – again these are symptoms not the real problem. The real problem is these subconscious beliefs and emotional confusion.

By resolving these emotional & subconscious conflicts and layers of beliefs with the methods I use, you can notice tremendous results in a few hours simply because you’re solving the real problem, not its more visible ramifications also known as symptoms. To your freedom!

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To Your Success!
– Giuseppe Tavella, Anxiety & Dissociation Expert